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Made by Steven Miller for MiniLD #62

The infamous 5 year old M.C. rules the hood and has a huge gang of toddlers. You stayed out of his way before, but now you are on a quest to take him down. It plays like a turn-based game, but isn't actually turn-based. It will make more sense once you play it.

Tools Used:
GameMaker: Studio
Cosmic DJ (Only for one song though)

Everything was made by me because I am so hip and cool.

The game is a bit lengthy and very difficult, which kind of takes away from the theme. To make sure everyone can get to the final boss, I added a level skip.
Hold enter, hold Q, and press shift to skip a level.
I strongly recommend playing the tutorial first.

24 Levels
3 Bosses
7 Songs
Controller Support
A true heart-warming tale with riveting dialogue and revolutionary story telling.

Also, here is a somewhat finished rap that didn't get added due to time. RIP Rap 2k15

It's the number one gangsta, yo boy M.C.
Already 4'3" and only 5, you see
The other kids, they know to run from me
Cuz trouble's what I be
I'm cool with that, I like 'em far away
Cuz if you get in my face, you bet I'll make you pay
You walk on my streets, I'll tangle your slinky
Step into my hood and I'll rip out your binky
So don't come 'round and don't you pout
Cuz all you losers my streets better without
And if you do get close, you better pray to Christ
Cuz your whiny little snot face is gonna get iced

Yeah I'm the best and listen why
Even when I fall and hurt myself I never ever cry
I can run up the slide without calling attention
And I never wash my hands cuz I don't care about prevention
When I get shots at the doctor, I never even flinch
And I can talk myself out when I'm caught in a pinch
When my dad's not looking, I steal his cigars
I've made it to the end of the monkey bars
I get out of my seat before I'm dismissed
And I've got a bed time that doesn't even exist
When I'm playing games of poker, I never have to fold
My pacifier's made of solid gold
I was only three when I learned to drive a car
And I've seen two movies that are rated R
So if I catch you on the corner, you know you better run
Or I'll introduce you to my friend, my favorite handgun
Yeah, get away quick if you hear my engine revin'
Cuz there's one thing I like and it's 187


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